How to RSVP to Tonbridge Digital

If you’d like to publicly show that you’re attending one of our meetups then it’s now possible to submit an RSVP by webmention to our website.

Firstly you need a post or page on your website which has some specific snippets of HTML:

  1. An h-card with your name, website address and avatar.
  2. An RSVP section including the URL of the event page on and a response of “yes” if attending. All of this is normally contained within an h-entry snippet. Please note we filter out any other responses.
  3. Upload/push your webpage wherever it’s hosted, then submit a webmention.
  4. To submit a webmention either create your own submission tool or use a hosted solution like Telegraph. Depending on your setup you might be able to combine the last two steps as one process