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I’m Calum and I’ve been living in or near Tonbridge now for over five years and in that time have seen it progress into a much more vibrant town centre with what seems like more, not less, independent businesses, restaurants, shops and cafes opening up.

With that the population is gradually increasing as younger generations of families and individuals have moved here. I’m keen to see how a strong digital economy in town can help strengthen the local economy of Tonbridge at a time when our economy is experiencing tough challenges and an uncertain future.

Previously I ran a small group for web industry professionals however felt we needed to involve a wider audience so started Tonbridge Digital. With this new group I hope to attract businesses and individuals, be they directly involved or not, in selling, using or promoting with digital-based solutions.

In the coming months I’ll be planning what kind of events and social gatherings that can be organised within Tonbridge.

Contact me directly if you have ideas or would like to help out in whatever way